The Open Network Independent

Tonic is a community of TON devs. We make dreams about web3 come true.

Learning materials.

Tonic is making it easier to onboard new devs to the TON dev environment. Tonic Docs is an extensive library with all sorts of helpful info, tutorials and setup guides – to get you started with writing the first magnificent dApp on The Open Network.

A community that listens.

Tens of questions, issues and challenges get resolved daily among the TON devs. Tonic is a place you will feel most comfortable at when facing troubles.

To help everyone keep up to date with the latest TON developments, the Telegram channel of Tonic is frequently publishing recent dev-related news.

For the ecosystem.

The Open Network is a L1 capable of handling the biggest scaling and mass adoption challenges. Still, the ecosystem is relatively young and requires support from experienced teams.

Tonic develops a stack of fundamental products for any L1 chain. For example, USDJ – a TON based stablecoin to make DeFi possible.

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